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Month: April, 2017

Disturbing Stuff at a Hookup Website

What is the most disturbing experience I’ve heard of at a typical hookup website? It’s probably something that you did not expect. It’s very disturbing not because it’s a free key or it’s illegal. It’s disturbing because it’s so stupid. You have to understand, that a hookup website is precisely that. It’s intended to hook you up.

It’s not intended to get you a wife. It’s not intended to help you find the ideal girlfriend. It’s not intended to help you find any sort of emotional bond. It’s all about physical action. It’s all about you finding women who are ready, willing, and eager to give up their pussies so you can have a good time with them. These are horny women, these chicks are not looking for lovers, they’re not looking for any kind of emotional connection, they’re not looking for any of that shit.

In many cases, these are otherwise good-looking, well-adjusted, not crazy, they come from good families, they have money, they’re professionals. They just want fun! So, if you’re able to get past the fucking stereotypes that most guys have about these women, then you would be able to have a truly great time. The problem is many guys are unable to get past that. They see this very good-looking chick and she is ready to suck his dick, tongue his asshole, jump up and down his cock, cream her pussy all over his face. I mean, there’s gotta be something wrong, right! So that’s the kind of mindset that they attack the situation with and they end up getting all emotional. That, is what’s disturbing!

You see, these websites are all about hooking up. And if the moment you throw in any kind of emotional attachment or the need for emotional attachment, things get really weird, really quickly. If you want your hookup experience to be awkward, get all emotional.

These women are not looking for white knights. They’re not looking for knights in shining armor to emotionally rescue them. They’re not looking for any of that shit. They’re just looking for a hard dick that would make them orgasm three times or even five times in a row. If you’re not up for the job, they’ll definitely look for somebody else.

Keep the game simple. I’m not saying that an emotional relationship might not happen. What I am saying is that that’s probably icing on the cake. Don’t bet on it. Focus instead on making sure you give her the experience she came for. That will ensure that you will succeed at