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Month: October, 2018

Chubby Loving Has Its Benefits

It’s weird to me how preferring thicker chicks is considered a fat fetish. Preferring blondes to brunettes isn’t a blonde fetish. I just so happen to be into bigger girls. The curves do it for me. I still like smaller chicks too, but BBW is my top choice. With fat women being such a regular part of life, it seems bizarre to call an attraction to them a fetish. appreciates fuller figures every bit as much as I do. Instead of exploiting them like a specialized group, the site celebrates and displays them in the way that mainstream porn does for slim models. It’s all about desire, lust, and beauty.

Chunky girls abound in this collection and you will get to savor their shape and sexuality in quality porn videos. The ladies masturbate and fuck without holding back.

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They Find the Chubby Belly Girls

BBW porn is something I search for whether I am blogging about it or not. It’s true that I have a thing for larger ladies. I love the extra big tits, the mountainous ass, the tree trunk thighs, and those plump, juicy pussies. Fat women are goddesses in my eyes.

For those reasons, I am perfectly happy to spend what others may think is an excessive amount of time, looking for new voluptuous vixens to not only fap to, but also to lead others to. I am here to make your BBW search all that much easier. I like to imagine myself being a sort of tour guide through the wild terrain of internet pornography.

Here’s the thing though, even an awesome guide such as myself, needs to turn elsewhere sometimes. I do check other blogs to see what they are finding too. That’s how I came across, and now I even follow the posts. I personally believe competing blogs can work together in harmony spreading the fat girl love, so I am cool with giving them a shout out and telling you to check this link out and find lots of chubby belly girls.