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Month: December, 2012

BBW Lola Live Cock Stuffing

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Renee Ross – Best In Chest

Best In Chest

It’s fitness time for sexy and beautiful Renee Ross but not for long. Exercise had to wait when our cameraman showed up. It was time for another travel show. Traveling along Renee’s awesome body, that is. She’s a brick house with a soft center. “Renee Ross is going to be a legend,” believes K.L. “I can’t stop jacking off to her photos and videos since I first saw her. Is she really as nice and sweet as she seems? She’s so hot in hardcore and solo. Renee is one of the all-time greatest models you ever found. I bought all her DVD’s because I wanted the best video quality and I’ve had hard drives crash before and lost everything. I look forward to more of Renee. I could listen to her for hours.” We can assure K.L. that Renee is indeed as nice and sweet as she seems. In fact, on the niceness and sweetness scale, Renee is ten of ten!

Best In Chest

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Alyson Galen – Lollipopper


Her boyfriend is a fan of XLGirls so Alyson Galen decided to bare all due to his encouragement. Now that’s an unselfish friend to us. Not like some guys we know who make their big boobed girls wear mumus before they can leave the house. Actually, Alyson says she doesn’t wear clothes that are designed to attract attention to her 44F-caliber weapons but she still does get a lot of attention because of her chest. “I used to feel embarrassed but not anymore,” says Alyson. So it’s great that she’s doffed her bra and panties to play with her delightfully plump body and twiddle her lady-parts at our palace of pulchritude. Walk softly and suck on a big lollipop is our advice to models and Alyson is taking advantage of our suggestion! “I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue,” Alyson said. A handy skill indeed. XLGirls is always looking for new talent. Email us at


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Christina Kline – Butt Plug Training

Butt Plug Training

Christina is a cam model back home in Texas. After her first boy-girl scene, Christina described her special talents: “I can hold my breath for a long time and loosen my jaw to deep-throat, licking both cock and balls at the same time with my extra-long tongue. I have an easy to find G-spot and I love to be dominated. Anything that can get me off is great. Fingers, dicks, tongues. I like to have sex once a day, multiple times on weekends when I have the time. I can also be very assertive. I deflowered many virgins in the park behind my school and in the backyard. I loved the risk of being caught. It was electric.” Now about that butt plug. “At first I didn’t like it. But once I got it down, it was amazing. I love the feel of a toy in my ass, so good. A lot of women don’t know how good it is because they are afraid to try it and see.” Yes, this is preparation for an anal fuck scene with real cock in Christina’s ass. No XL Girl who wants to do anal will be left behind.

Butt Plug Training

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Laurella – Melon Packer

Melon Packer

A big boobed secretary who takes excellent dictation, Laurella likes to listen to Jennifer Lopez and watch J-Lo’s movies, likes to watch soccer (a Czech fan, of course) and likes blowing her boyfriends in public places. She talked about herself before this photo shoot. “Once I gave a boyfriend a blow job on a train. There were people around but I didn’t care! I surrounded his cock with my tits and sucked on the head until he came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop because I love the taste and smell of cum. I had a fantasy about having sex with other men so I went to a swingers’ party. I had sex with men and women while other people sat and watched. It was wonderful! Now I think I like multiple partners. It was also the first time I had sex with another woman and it was better than sex with some of the men I had been with. It was a new experience for me. But men are still more sexy to me and they make me feel sexy. I like to look at a man’s butt like a man looks at a woman’s butt or breasts. My favorite way to spend a free day is in bed doing nothing but having sex. I like to have sex every day. If not, I masturbate with toys. But I prefer a man’s cock inside me and to swallow his cum.”

Melon Packer

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