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Month: December, 2017

Full Bodied Beauties Rocking Your World

A¬† discount grants you access into the sexy world of chunky chicks, or as I like to call them; ‘real women’.

That’s right, I said it. When I want to take a hold of my woman I don’t want to be scared that I snap her in two. Nothing against the runway build models, it’s just not my first preference.

“More cushion for the pushin'” is not just some lame ass egotistical or womanizing line, it’s a fact. Making love is as good as ever but when it’s no holds barred fuck-night, you can thump and ram and jam your cock into a chubby girl with vigor and you’ll find the enthusiasm to be reciprocal.

There’s just so much more to explore too. If men never grow up then we certainly don’t mind the bigger rides either.