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Lusting After the Large Girls

Growing up, I had the usual view that slim was attractive and that bigger girls were somehow less appealing. The women in my family are practically porcelain dolls. They are all very petite and fragile looking. So I only dated small chicks. But then I met Denise. I was working a part-time job and hated it. She was my co-worker and also hated it. We’d vent to each other on our breaks and lunch hour. We became friends, and I started to feel a real attraction to her. Then she quit without notice. One of our supervisors were giving her a hard time, and she straight up said “Go fuck yourself, I quit!” and then picked up her purse and left. We ended up meeting for drinks that night, so I could tell her about the chaos that followed her walk out.

We got drunk and ended up back at her place fucking. She was so much heavier than what I was used to, and it was thrilling. The way the weight of her body felt on top of mine was incredible. There was so much to grab hold of. Her tits were bigger than my head, and her thighs felt so powerful pinning down my legs. I have lusted over large girls ever since.

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Chubby Loving Has Its Benefits

It’s weird to me how preferring thicker chicks is considered a fat fetish. Preferring blondes to brunettes isn’t a blonde fetish. I just so happen to be into bigger girls. The curves do it for me. I still like smaller chicks too, but BBW is my top choice. With fat women being such a regular part of life, it seems bizarre to call an attraction to them a fetish. appreciates fuller figures every bit as much as I do. Instead of exploiting them like a specialized group, the site celebrates and displays them in the way that mainstream porn does for slim models. It’s all about desire, lust, and beauty.

Chunky girls abound in this collection and you will get to savor their shape and sexuality in quality porn videos. The ladies masturbate and fuck without holding back.

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They Find the Chubby Belly Girls

BBW porn is something I search for whether I am blogging about it or not. It’s true that I have a thing for larger ladies. I love the extra big tits, the mountainous ass, the tree trunk thighs, and those plump, juicy pussies. Fat women are goddesses in my eyes.

For those reasons, I am perfectly happy to spend what others may think is an excessive amount of time, looking for new voluptuous vixens to not only fap to, but also to lead others to. I am here to make your BBW search all that much easier. I like to imagine myself being a sort of tour guide through the wild terrain of internet pornography.

Here’s the thing though, even an awesome guide such as myself, needs to turn elsewhere sometimes. I do check other blogs to see what they are finding too. That’s how I came across, and now I even follow the posts. I personally believe competing blogs can work together in harmony spreading the fat girl love, so I am cool with giving them a shout out and telling you to check this link out and find lots of chubby belly girls.

Voluptuous Brunette Does Cam2Cam

It’s one thing watching BBW pornstars in raunchy scenes and it’s something else entirely to get to interact with a fine fatty in real time. I recently had the pleasure of joining AlyssaJanex for one of her cam shows, and I am here to recommend that you head over to Streamate and do the same!

Right off the bat, you know what type of woman Alyssa is. She doesn’t bother with bullshit and has it posted right on her page that she loves cumming together on cam2cam, using dildos, and playing with her big titties. The one thing that she wont do? Anal.

If you catch her online, you can chat live with AlyssaJanex for free, but be warned that she gets snatched up for private shows fairly fast. She has a good following and a reputation as a fantastic show, so you know she is worth the price to get her to yourself for a while. The cam2cam feature gives some extra personalization to the experience. Whip your dick out for her to see as you stroke yourself to her jerk off instruction.


BBWs Starved For Meaty Cock

I’ve fucked a fat chick and, you know, it was probably one of the best fuck’s of my life. I used to always go for the pretty girls that seemed hard to get and that seemed like a hell of a thing trying to get with one of those girls. It was glorious when it happened, but you know what? It seemed nearly just as difficult to get with a chubby chick. She had more confidence and stamina in the bedroom than I anticipated and I was trying my damnedest to hold back my nut. It’s the confidence fellas, it’s sexy as hell no matter what the chick looks like.

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Thick Plumper Chicks Here Leave You Satisfied

There’s nothing sexier than a big beautiful woman that exhibits confidence while demonstrating expert skill in milking a cock dry. Females today are so concerned with how they look, it really kills the sexy mood. They don’t want you to cum in their hair, fuck their assholes, or anything that could make them dirty or feel dirty. They’re always concerned with how fat they are when they might not be fat at all. It’s ridiculous! That’s why you’re going to love the fatties here, they really don’t give a shit about any of that and are all about the cock and having a good time, just as it should be.

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Chubby Sluts: Fighting, Fingering, & Fucking

If you’re into some funky little niches of porn, this is one worth making the cut to your personal collection. Fat bitches are greased up and romping around on a wrestling mat with each other while a ref looks on. They’re fighting, they’re fucking, and ultimately the winner gets a cock. Often, it ends up being the ref’s cock; the girls are good sports and happily share the winnings though, of course.

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