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“I Wear A 38JJ”

Stacy Lee from Northern California is a natural-born exhibitionist. And that’s the first step on the way to XLGirls. She wears a bra most of the time, “I love the feel of fabric against my nipples. Finding the right size is not simple, though,” Stacy says. “I dress conservatively during the day but at night I dress in halter tops and tight skirts to show off my assets. I like it when guys compliment me. I don’t mind when they stare at my chest. I kinda like that.” What’s Stacy like in bed? What does she have to say about her sex life? “I love to start sex. I don’t think the man has to make the first move all the time. It’s not really fair, is it? I love it when a man sucks on my nipples as he is fucking me. I like a guy with no hair on his chest and a big cock. If I have no one to go to bed with, I’ll buzz myself with my pocket rocket until I cum. I’ve thought about having a threesome with two guys but I’ve never done it. I wouldn’t know how to go about it. I wouldn’t want to go to a sex club and I would never place a message on the internet. I would need two guys who were really into me, who made it all about me, not guys who would just get off and leave me hanging.” Next up: talks to Stacy Lee on video before her breast-packed scene.

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