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It’s Always Hilly In Arkansas

It's Always Hilly In Arkansas

A regular at XLGirls, Sienna Hills is both a model and a shopkeeper. That’s right, a model who sells XL Girls magazine and other TSG magazines in her own store in Little Rock, Arkansas. A lot of models sell the TSG mags and DVDs they star in at conventions or on their websites but only one girl to our knowledge has her own store and that is Sienna. That’s true entrepreneurial energy of the busty kind at its best. Now a few questions. Does she have a favorite model? “That one’s easy,” said Sienna. “Autumn-Jade. She is just so beautiful. She has a great body and seems to have a great personality. Even in pictures she seems to be very bubbly. There are others I like, too, but Autumn-Jade is at the very top of my list.” What kind of dates does she like to go on? “Bringing me flowers is a nice way to start. No one thinks about that anymore, but I’m a little old fashioned. I like to be wined and dined and treated like a lady. So bring me flowers. It doesn’t even matter what kind. Then take me out to dinner. It doesn’t have to be really expensive, but let’s not go to a fast-food place. Let’s go to a nice restaurant and after that we can go back to the guy’s place or to my place and maybe watch a movie. If it carries on from there, well, that should be a lot of fun.” Getting and giving head? “They can lick my pussy if they want to, but they don’t have to. I’ve always felt like something feels so much better when someone does it for you because they want to and not because they feel like it’s expected or it’s an obligation. So I love to give head and I love to have my pussy licked, but it’s better if the guy is really excited about doing it for me.”

It's Always Hilly In Arkansas

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