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Laurella – Melon Packer

Melon Packer

A big boobed secretary who takes excellent dictation, Laurella likes to listen to Jennifer Lopez and watch J-Lo’s movies, likes to watch soccer (a Czech fan, of course) and likes blowing her boyfriends in public places. She talked about herself before this photo shoot. “Once I gave a boyfriend a blow job on a train. There were people around but I didn’t care! I surrounded his cock with my tits and sucked on the head until he came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop because I love the taste and smell of cum. I had a fantasy about having sex with other men so I went to a swingers’ party. I had sex with men and women while other people sat and watched. It was wonderful! Now I think I like multiple partners. It was also the first time I had sex with another woman and it was better than sex with some of the men I had been with. It was a new experience for me. But men are still more sexy to me and they make me feel sexy. I like to look at a man’s butt like a man looks at a woman’s butt or breasts. My favorite way to spend a free day is in bed doing nothing but having sex. I like to have sex every day. If not, I masturbate with toys. But I prefer a man’s cock inside me and to swallow his cum.”

Melon Packer

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