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Marilyn Mayson – Wild In The Sheets

Wild In The Sheets

“A great discovery!” Dinky declares. Great, Dinky? How about fan-fuckin’-tastic? “Not only does Ms. Mayson have a body that won’t quit, with lactating breasts, no less, she has the most seductive voice I’ve heard in ages.” True that. Young and tender Marilyn Mayson, squeezable and huggable covergirl for November ’12 XLGirls magazine, has gone from webcam popularity to international rack-dom, her pretty face and 38H milkshakers on the mag’s cover in thousands of adult store racks. Now the cuddly cutee is back at for her third fling at free-style sport-fucking, eager and hot to get her hands and mouth on the high hard one. Pitch your tent and settle back for more fun and fucking with one of XLGirls‘ most popular new discoveries of 2012. “I have a filthy little mouth and I use it very well!” Marilyn told us. True again. The brunette stunner uses that sexy, pretty mouth in more ways than dirty talking. She says she’s a “masturbation addict.” She’s even better at sex with a guy or a hot girl. Last seen sharing black cock with another super-babe, Molly Howard, Marilyn brings her sexy self back to the sheets in what will not be the last of her bed bouncing at XLGirls. She’ll make a believer of you. Show Marilyn some love and send her some props!

Wild In The Sheets

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