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A Soft-Bellied Babe

There are plenty of reasons to check out female BBW cams, but for me, it’s simply because that’s what I like. I know a lot of guys look at me and assume that because I date bigger women it’s because that’s what I am able to pull. But the truth is, those babes with the extra meat on their bones truly are the sexiest out there.

I put myself firmly in the chubby chaser category. To me, getting a rail-thin babe would be like ordering a steak at a restaurant and they just give you the bone. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? I know for me I want a big old juicy tender thick slice of meat. And that’s what those plump princesses are to me.

The sweet elena777f is the perfect example. This chubby brunette has pretty features and a cute personality, but would you just look at her body! Those massive natural tits are something you cannot find on a toothpick. And that big soft belly is so kissable and smooth. Not to mention that sweet hairy pussy tucked between those thick as molasses thighs. You just need to spend one evening getting off with this babe and you will see exactly what I’m talking about!

Voluptuous Brunette Does Cam2Cam

It’s one thing watching BBW pornstars in raunchy scenes and it’s something else entirely to get to interact with a fine fatty in real time. I recently had the pleasure of joining AlyssaJanex for one of her cam shows, and I am here to recommend that you head over to Streamate and do the same!

Right off the bat, you know what type of woman Alyssa is. She doesn’t bother with bullshit and has it posted right on her page that she loves cumming together on cam2cam, using dildos, and playing with her big titties. The one thing that she wont do? Anal.

If you catch her online, you can chat live with AlyssaJanex for free, but be warned that she gets snatched up for private shows fairly fast. She has a good following and a reputation as a fantastic show, so you know she is worth the price to get her to yourself for a while. The cam2cam feature gives some extra personalization to the experience. Whip your dick out for her to see as you stroke yourself to her jerk off instruction.