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Who’s The Boss?

Who's The Boss?

Renee Ross is! That’s who the boss is. And what a boss. Why, all of you would be more than happy to serve under her. And on top of her. And to her side. Renee runs a happy ship. And why not? Her employees get to see her bouncing to the office every morning, and bouncing back to her car when the work day is over. The janitor is known to sniff her chair at night. Businessmen across the street spy on her with binoculars, obviously to learn her trade secrets. If more girls built and looking like Renee Ross ran America’s businesses: the banks, the insurance companies, the health care industry and manufacturing, the economy would be in great shape. We at XLGirls hope that this dream will come true one day. This pictorial was selected as Renee‘s Voluptuous Model of the Year 2010 photo set for the June ’11 edition and, of course, Renee is the cover star. “She is indeed a rare and exotic beauty,” Mark declares. Congratulations, Renee.

Who's The Boss?

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