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Why are Most Guys Scared of Cougar Dating?

A lot of guys are getting turned on to the idea of cougar dating. After all, who doesn’t want to have sex with older women with tight bodies who are eager for young cock? On paper, it sounds awesome. On paper, it sounds like the kind of things younger guys dream of. The problem is in reality, it can be quite a messy affair.


In many cases, cougars end up kicking these young studs out of their beds. Why? These young dudes can’t do the job. It’s one thing to get excited about an all-you-can-eat buffet, but after your third plate, you probably don’t want to eat anymore. That’s the kind of attitude many younger guys bring to the cougar dating game.


They simply come in with all sorts of hype and the bottom line is that they think that these women should count themselves lucky because these younger guys are taking the time to fuck them. What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with this mindset? Well, if that’s your attitude, it’s no surprise that you are going to meet with failure.


You have to understand that when it comes to having sex with anybody, respect is crucial. Respect is the cement that ensures a very positive sexual experience. Respect is made manifest in how you engage with somebody. If you have low respect for somebody and you think they’re a piece of trash, it’s going to show. It’s going to show in your facial expressions. It’s going to show in your non-verbal expressions. It’s going to be a mess.


So, it’s really important to have a tremendous amount of respect and this is precisely why most younger guys are scared of cougar dating. They don’t have that kind of respect. Their head is in the wrong place. If this is your attitude, you need to change and change quickly. Otherwise, you’re going to fail.