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Zeta’s Natural Knockers

Zeta's Natural Knockers

Zeta Verrone tried her first hardcore sexperiment at XLGirls with Zeta Always Comes First. She was very comfortable in front of a camera with a total stranger. Zeta was also assertive and hands-on. Hands on cock, that is. That’s a good thing. Rubbing it through his jeans, cupping it between her huge hooters, rubbing balls while she’s riding in cowgirl. She’s great at sex and she brought that to XLGirls. Her husband, a TSG fan, was responsible for Zeta taking the plunge and encouraged her to model. Usually that means solo modeling. Usually. “With sex, I’m open to new experiences,” Zeta told us. “I just go with the flow as long as I can have my say in things and everyone is respectful.” In the opener, Zeta‘s new poker partner lavishes her big nipples with suction and licking before they head south of the border. She looks very sexy in her tight sweater, pantyhose and tight skirt. Zeta‘s large nipples look sensitive. Are they? “They’re sensitive so there’s a very specific way it needs to be done. When I’m in the mood for it I just let my husband go at it. He, or any other guy, can play with the actual boob hard. But the nipples are sensitive so they need to be more careful there. But every now and then I’ll let my husband play with them hard.” When they begin pumping, Zeta takes a hard pounding and pounds back, thrust for thrust. Her cum-face is very sexy. “Shooting with you guys has me wanting to try all kinds of new things,” says Zeta. And that’s a good thing! Thank you, Zeta Verrone.

Zeta's Natural Knockers

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